ARM MOTORSPORTS S4 B8 /B8.5 / SQ5 Intake Pre-sale


ARM Motorsports Cold Air Intake System is a full intake replacement for your Audi or VW. By replacing the full intake piping between the air filter and the turbo you are freeing up the maximum amount of power through your intake system. Expect gains of up to +7hp and +6ft/lb, not to mention opening up the amazing sound of your turbocharged engine!

The ARM Intake System comes with a K&N hi-flow oiled cone filter and new turbo to intake coupler. In between these two items is the 3.5" aluminum intake piping. The piping is coated wrinkle black for a clean look and high durability. The intake piping has a mass airflow sensor hook-up in the stock location for an easy install.

Also included in the ARM intake is aluminum heat shields to help keep the hot air from the engine away from the cone filter, giving your S4/SQ5 the coolest air possible.

Expect to gain power, faster spool, and incredible sound from your ARM Intake!

  • Gain up to +7hp and +6tq
  • Faster Turbo Spool
  • Improved Intake Sound
  • 3.5" Piping
  • Precise Fitment
  • ARM Intake Piping
  • K&N Air Filter
  • Turbo to Intake Coupler
  • Heat Sheild
  • Hardware & Gasket Kit


B8 and B8.5 S4/S5 and SQ5.


The intake pipe is a full 3.5" throughout.  The silicone hose is where it reduces to fit the OEM throttle body, this also allows those who have a throttle body upgrade to take full advantage of a larger diameter intake pipe, whereas most other intakes reduce mid-pipe.  

**Please note that these pre-sale kits will include everything required to install the primary intake, intake pipe, hoses clamps, air filter, heat sheild, etc, but will not include the breather filter.  We are still working on the best solution for that and the final product will be included in the kit regular kits when they are released.