B8 Drivers Dark Smoked Dynamic Mirror upgrade.

These are a nice touch to add the dynamic swoop light to your side mirrors. They’re OEM fit so no need to do any modifications. They’re plug and play. 


- Comes with a 1 year manufacturer warrantee from date purchased.  

Models that will fit these are as follows:

(Please make sure you check the fitment before ordering  some 2009’s have the old side mirror design and may not be compatible. See image in the product view. If you are unsure please contact us.) 

  • A3 8P 2010-2013 
  • B8/B8.5 A4 2010-B8.5 2015
  • B8/B8.5 A4 Quattro 2010-2015
  • B8/B8.5 A5 2010-2014
  • B8/B8.5 A5 Quattro 2010-2016
  • B8.5 RS5 2013-2015
  • B8/B8.5 S4 2010-2015
  • B8/B8.5 S5 2010-2016
  • A6 2007-2011
  • A8 2008-2010



Shipping times: 2-3 weeks 


For other models please e-mail us: b8drivers@icloud.com